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Rev. Charles L. Campbell (Black minister)

Reverend Charles L. Campbell was born around 1840 in WV. In the book, HISTORY OF MONROE COUNTY, on page 190, the author tells us that Reverend Campbell was born a slave near Pickaway on the plantation of Robert Campbell. He worked in Ohio but returned to Union (Monroe County, W.V.) and became active in the "improvement of his people". He taught for several years. He was ordained an elder by a board of white preachers. In 1870 he organized the colored Baptist congregation at Union where he was the pastor for several years. He died in 1912 at the age of 72. At the time of his death he was the oldest minister in the Valley Baptist Association (colored).
My own research reveals the following:
He can be found in the 1910 Census, Monroe County, as a Black Male, b. ?1839 (he is listed as Rev. C.L. Campbell).
He officiated at the following (Black) Monroe County Marriages:
1875 -
Washington Sanders & Harriet M. Banks, 5/12/1875; Albert Erskine & Ann Burton, 6/10/1875; Madison "Mack" Jordan & Sarah C. Goodwine, 12/28/1875; Willis Smalls & Harriet Brown, 12/30/1875
1876 -
Isaiah Cornelious Bailey & Alice Williams, 4/12/1876; William Erskine & Clara Brown, 10/17/1876
1877 -
Christopher Chambers & Mary Ellen Edgar, 7/25/1877 at the Baptist Church of Union, WV.; Elias Triplett & Harriet Whitlock, 7/26/1877; Phillip Roy & Luvenia Gibson, 10/17/1877 at the Baptist Church at Union
Alexander Wardy & Mary Ellen Branch, 2/12/1878, at his house in Union
1879 -
John H. Bailey & Laurena Erskine, 6/4/1879; Lee Bartley & Lucinda Banks, 12/15/1879; Robert Daniel Riddle & Mattie Ellen Williams, 12/31/1879, at the Lewis place in Gap Mills
1880 -
Charles Edward Seagans & Francis Evaline Banks, 12/28/1880
1881 -
George Lewis & Isabell Anderson, 5/26/1881; Clark G. Campbell & Martha Jane Forts, 11/17/1881
1882 -
John Henry Randolph & Sarah Nelson Smalls, 5/3/1882; Socrates Haynes & Ella French, 12/21/1882; Beauregard Smalls & Lucy Emma Erskine, 12/28/1882; Alexander Baldwin & Grace Triplett, 12/28/1882
1883 -
Guy R. Dickason & Mary Fannie A. Ross, 12/15/1883; Elijah Dunlap & Maria Jane Ross, 12/26/1883; Wesley W. Ross & Mary S.C. Banks, 12/27/1883
1884 -
Robert Allen French & Sally Johnson, 9/24/1884; Achilles Johnson & Mary Alice French, 10/22/1884
1889 -
Harvey Baker & Eliza Lewis, 1/4/1889; William Burness & Susan Rella Hamilton
1891 -
William Lee & Ora Williams
1892 -
William Henry Twist & Nannie Kent, 1/6/1892 at the Baptist Church of Union
1894 -
Charles William Bane & Lizzie Newsum
1897 -
John Black & Lucy J. Edmonds, 10/27/1897
1898 -
Charles Henry French & Emma Jane Chambers, 12/26/1898
1899 -
Edward Newton Spotts & Alice Francis Hamilton, 2/22/1899; Daniel Webster Armstead & Louisa Pearis, 12/26/1899
1903 -
William Rucker & Julia Carter, 10/22/1903
1905 -
Rosa May Campbell & William T. Jamison 9/26/1903


Unknown said...

Hi Carol,

I like what you're doing with your blog. It seems it could be helpful to many people. I found the marriage of Robert D. Riddle to Mattie Williams here. I'm currently researching the Riddles from Buckingham, VA. Did you know that Robert was the uncle of Carter G. Woodson ? I am surprised to find so little written about Woodson on WV sites since he spent so much of his life in WV, his family lived in WV as well and he wrote extensively on WV. Also, WV has terrific genealogy information. This is my first time doing research here and it's been great.

Teresa Stevens said...

I really appreciate you putting Charles L. Campbell's info on here. After my grandfather John M. Campbell, originally of Summers County, Talcott, West Virginia, passed away I started to research my family line in his direction. He had picture of the last slaves in my family and we knew that he had irish ancestors. But we did not know the family plantation but now wo do thanks to you and Mr. charels Campbell. He married my ancestors Mr. Clark G. Campbell and Mrs. Martha J. Forts. We buried My grandfather in the are in 2007. Many Thanks.

Teresa said...

sorry 4 the messy comment. I am so excited!! We buried my Grandfather in the same area as Clark and Martha in 2007. Thanks again