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Erskine (continued)

Note: Lieurnenor in the previous post, the daughter of Bolivar/Polivar, is Laurena Erskine Bailey, wife of Lisin/John Henry Bailey.
Isabella Erskine - Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society - Vol 7 # 4, 2002, mentioned in the Dr. Creigh article "started after dark to see Isabella, a black girl of Mr. Erskine at Mr. Joseph Hedricks". etc. (There are four entries all around 2/1846).
Jacob Erskine - Larry Shuck's Greenbrier County Death Records, page 81
Liddie J. Erskin - See Lydia Erskine Dunsmore, wife of John Lewis Dunsmore.
Lon Edward/Lonnie/Lornaice Erskine - Husband of Perena Susan Spotts, Son of Boston Haynes and Mary Erskine. Appears on the 1880 Census in Greenbrier, age 8, nephew of Isabella Erskine (who was enumerated as a 38 y. old white female). On 6/19/1895 he married Perena in Monroe at Sinks Grove. He appears on the 1930 Census at Greenbrier at 53, Widowed with his children Loyd and Hazel. See WV Death Certificate # 15702 which indicates that he died on 12/19/1949 at 80y at Greenbrier. Here it says that he was divorced, a laborer in a quarry, the son of Boston and Mary, he died of hypertension and is buried at the Monroe Graveyard. On the death certificate his name appears as Lon Edward Erskine.
Loyd Erskine, son of Lon appears on the 1930 Census in Greenbrier, 14y.
Lucy Emma Erskine married Beauregard Smalls.
Lydia Erskine appears in the above-mentioned J of the GHS article about Dr. Creigh - "went to see Lydia, a black woman of Erskins".
Lydia Erskine married John Lewis Dunsmore and she was the niece of Isabella Dunsmore.
Maria Erskins also appears in the J of the GHS article. "went to see Maria at Erskins".
Mary Erskin appears on Lon Erskins death certificate as his mother.
Maryland Erskine is the granddaughter of Ernest Sweeny and she appears at age 9 on the Census, Greenbrier.
For Mary Jane Erskine see Mary Jane Carter
For Matilda Erskine see Matilda Carter
Paulina Erskine - 1880 Census, Monroe, 34y
Rose Erskine - 1910 Census, Greenbrier, 33y
Thelma Ellen Erskine - GC Deaths - Died 5/23/1968 at Ronceverte, 49y, bullet wound to left chest. She is buried at the Sinks Grove Cemetery (Neff Orchard Road Cemetery/Mt. Zion Cemetery).
Tresa Erskine - See Tresa Carter
Trevor Erskine - 1910 Census, b.1895.
William Erskine - 1880 Census, Monroe, 27, with Clara (23), Alexander (2) and Harry (3 months).

In this post I have included Erskine, Erskin, Erskins.


I have more than 30 Black Erskine entries in my compilation:
Unnamed Erskine died on 6/6/1966 in Greenbrier, black male, no age given
Unnamed Erskine - 1910 Census, Greenbrier, BM, 14 (actually the first name was unintelligible)
Unnamed Erskine - Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society - Vol 7, # 4, 2002, relative to the article about Dr. Creigh & the fact that on 3/7/1846 he "went to Erskins to see a black child".
Albert Erskine who was the husband of Ann Burton Erskine - They married in Monroe County in 1875. They were both born in MC. They were married at the Caperton residence by Rev. C.L. Campbell.
Alexander Erskin - 1870 Census, 19y
Alexander Erskine - 1880 Census, 2y, son of William Erskine
Bell Erskine - 1880 Census, Summers County, 34y
Boliver/Polivar Erskine - In 1879 he gave permission for his daughter Lieurnenor to marry Lisin J.H. Bailey.
Clara Brown Erskine - Wife of William who she married on 10/17/1876 in Monroe. She appears with him on the 1880 Census in Monroe. She is 23y.
Clayton Erskine - Son of Ernest Sweeny. He appears on the 1920 Census, Greenbrier, age 9.
Dover Erskine is listed in Mary Frances Bodemuller's book "African American Records".
Harry Erskine - Daughter of Lonnie Erskine. She appears on the 1930 Census, 13y.

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I have two entries for Lucy Peck.

(1) Lucy Jane Peck Nelson, wife of Coleman Nelson, daughter of Elizabeth Peck.

(2) Lucille O. Peck/ Lucy Boone Peck, wife of Frank U.G. Peck, daughter of Daniel & Jennie Moore Boone. She appears on the 1880 Census at Greenbrier County, Irish Corner District, as a mulatto female, 6 y.o., granddaughter of John Moore, daughter of Jennie Moore Boone. She appears on the 1900 Census GC,ICD, black female, 26y, b. 7/1873, wife of Frank, 26y, had 3 children, 3 still living. In this census she is listed as Lucy. 1910 Census, GC, ICD, 37, wife of Frank, had 7 children, 7 still living. 1920 Census, 46, wife of Frank. 1930 Census, GC, ICD, 56 y, first married at age 20, wife of Frank, listed as Lucille. She appears in Larry Shuck's GC Birth Records at p. 282. She appears in the article History of Brushy Ridge; the Moore Boone Family History by Murapa; The Progeny of John & Susannah Moore by Murapa and Brown. WV Death Certificate No. 244 indicates that she died on
Jan. 10, 1952at 78y.