Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recent four photos

Some explanation of the recent four photos:
(1) George Washington Haynes was the husband of Elizabeth Jane Payne Haynes Haynes Lewis. They had 14 children. One of their children is Ethel Celina Haynes who appears in one of the four photos (standing next to her husband who is seated and holding their baby). Another of their children is William "Hubert" Haynes who is standing on the right of another one of the pictures (but to the left of his wife Dora).
(2) The photo of William, Santa Claus, and the donkey was rescued from a Dunsmore house on Brushy Ridge and was given to me by E. Carter of Lewisburg.
(3) Samuel "Oscar" Johnson is the subject of one of the photos. He is, by oral history, descended from General Edward Braddock (Commander of George Washington and Daniel Boone). General Braddock was only in this country for a short while but he was here long enough to have a liaison with an enslaved woman. The liaison produced a son. The son married a woman named Josephine. The son (name not known) and Josephine are the parents of the Black Braddock family of Lewisburg. (This was related to me by the child who is sitting on Samuel's lap, his daughter, Eva Otelia Johnson Peters). Samuel's wife was my grandfather's older sister. She was an artist and a musician and she liked to act. I have another picture of her which I will post at some point in time.
(4) See explanation below.

Monday, December 27, 2010

(My uncle) Enoch Ferrell (b. Ala), (my gram) in middle, Dora Jane Knight Haynes (GC), (my grandfa) (at rt) - William "Hubert" Haynes, MC.

This photo was probably taken around 1919 in Lewisburg, WV. From the left is Enoch Ferrell, Dora "Jane" Kelly Knight Lee Haynes Midder, and William "Hubert" Haynes.
Jane and Hubert are my paternal grandparents.
After this photo was taken, (and I'm assuming this since she is not in the picture), Enoch married Jane's half-sister, Rachel Knight Ferrell (Goode Murdoch).
Enoch was born in Alabama in 1898.
In 1918, Enoch registered with the U.S. military and his World War I Draft Registration Card indicates that his name is "Enoch Ferrell", that he is age 21, that he lived at 21 Summers Street, Charleston, WV, that about his date of birth he says I "am not certain but am 21". He was born in Carson, Alabama. His father was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He was employed by Craig T. Anderson. His nearest relative was "Mrs. Mary Henley" of Mobile, Alabama. He signed with a mark. He was listed as being of medium height, stout build, one toe missing, dark brown eyes, and black hair.
He married Rachel Alice Knight in Greenbrier County (GC) on 5/3/1920. At the time of the marriage he was 22 years old and living in Kanawha. She was 18 years old, b. in GC. They were married at the residence of Rev. James R. Wills. In the marriage certificate he is listed as Enoch Ferrell.
Enoch appears in the 1920 census for Charleston, Kanawha, as a 22 y.o. b. about 1898 in Ala, roomer with Charlie Suntters.
In 1925 he appears in the Connecticut City Directory, in New Haven.
In the 1930 Census he appears in Rhode Island, East Providence, Black Male, b. about 1898, boarder with Festus (53) & Sianna (56) Wilson. In this census he is listed as "Enoch Farrell".
The Social Security Death Index indicates that "Enoch Ferrill" died on 8/19/1898, and that he was born on 3/25/1898 (he probably just assumed this date of birth later in life or maybe someone eventually told him when he was born b/c when he registered for the military he said he did not know his date of birth). His social security number was 035-10-2216.
I believe that his wife in Rhode Island was named "Marie".

"Mama, these are William's Xmas cards..." begins the inscription on the back of this photo. GC. Unidentified but ? Dunsmore/Haynes/Spotts related.

Samuel "Oscar" Johnson (Braddock descendant), his wife Ethel Celina Haynes Johnson, & their daughter Eva Otelia Johnson (Peters) of GC - c. 1908

George Washington Haynes 1860 - 1914

See older posts below for more information on (my greatgrandfather) George Washington Haynes). Also see (on the internet) HISTORY OF BRUSHY RIDGE COMMUNITY - COLORED by Frank U.G. Peck (on the W.V. Division of Culture and History site).