Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hi folks - family - WV descendants.
I am still alive and kicking (having managed CA for four years) but more than that I have become interested in the other side of my family.  The Cape Verdean side.  And I have been working on an index of CV' s which is now 1600 pages.  Sorry if I have not responded to comments etc. 
But I WILL be back and do some housekeeping.  Also want to start two new blogs but am having problems navigating the settings on this site. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

W.P. Haynes and unknown woman, Pocahontas, West Virginia (from Dunsmore box of photos)

This photo
This photograph was taken by P.W. Poff. The Library of Virginia in an article about "A Guide to the Pocahotas, Virginia Carte de Viste" states (in part) that Perry W. Poff was born in Virginia about 1845.  He had a photography studio in Pocahontas, Virginia until about the mid 1890's.  Then he relocated to Mercer County where he opened a new studio. 
In a future edit of this post I will leave information about W.P. Haynes. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scharlotta Gardner

Scharlotta Gardner was born on 5/13/1930.  She was the daughter of Sally K.R. Gardner and Vons Morgan.  She was the granddaughter of William P. Gardner and Alice Sexton Gardner.   She was the great granddaughter of the Lewisburg lawyer Stephen Gardner.  She is mentioned in the 1938 - 1939 Official Minute Book for the Church School Secretary for the John Wesley Methodist Church (Scharlette).  In a telephone conversation with her on 7/28/2004 she indicated that she has no middle name; she is the mother of Jerome Ornell Crump, she is the sister of Doris Gardner Tilghman; Ernest J. Gardner; James E. Seams; Greta Ann Smoot Dry; Carlos J. Smoot; Mason C. Smoot, and Clementine Smoot Dry.  That she was a lifelong member of the John Wesley Church.  She indicated that she attended the Bolling School.  She stated that her great grandfather, Stephen Gardner was part Cherokee Indian; that she lived on Gardner Street in Lewisburg, W.Va. --- and that the street was named after her great-grandfather.  She said that Stephen was pronounced Stefan and that he was a free man during slavery times.  Stephen Gardner bred, raised and sold horses and that Dr. Montgomery is wrong when he asserts (in his papers) that Stephen Gardner was a physician. 


Neff Orchard Road
Cemetery - Monroe County, West Virginia. 

ORIS T. HAYNES - July 12, 1885 - Jan 6, 1961.

Neff Orchard Road
Cemetery - Monroe County, West Virginia. 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Photos from Dunsmore box - Brushy Ridge, Greenbrier County

More photos from Dunsmore box (thanks to Elaine)

Buckland - See comments after Buckland post - family member made corrections.

The information that I have in my compilation (Black Residents) is from documents which are sometimes supplemented by personal interviews.  The Buckland information is from documents.  However, a family member has commented that her family was not mulatto but part Native American &  ..... (please see comment).  I welcome these comments and corrections. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reclaiming cemeteries - historical designations

Two cemeteries that need attention:
The "Dick Pointer Cemetery"/Old Colored Cemetery in Lewisburg, WV behind Carnegie Hall needs attention. There are many headstones under the grass.  I am totally unfamiliar with the process of reviving cemeteries but I think this should be looked into.

The Neff Orchard Road Cemetery/Sinks Grove Cemetery/Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery on Neff Orchard Road in Monroe County, WV is well taken care of by "Elaine" but it needs a sign (the old one is no longer there).  Also we need to look into how to get an historical designation if it does not already have one.  I have documented that there are formerly enslaved persons buried there (including my great grandfather - George Washington Haynes & his brother in law Albert Payne). 

Unidentified photos from Dunsmore box - Brushy Ridge - donated by Elaine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

William Brandon Lacy Campos Gravesite - Monroe County, WV

William Brandon Lacy Campos

I went to the Neff Orchard Road Cemetery (Sinks Grove Cemetery/Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Cemetery) which is in Monroe County and the first thing that I noticed was a doe foraging in the cemetery.  She quickly jumped the back fence.  The sign, which had said Mt. Zion Missionay Baptist Cemetery was missing.  But looking forward I saw a huge bench. When I walked up to it I noticed the words "William Brandon Lacy".  I was so happy to see this as Brandon and I had become email friends and he had written a poem called "Big Sam" in which he had inserted my name.  He is buried next to his family.  I will post the picture of his gravesite as well as the photos of the other members of his family.