Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Brushy Ridge (Greenbrier County) church

Enslaved individuals mentioned in wills

I am going through my boxes of notes from my WV research & will be posting some of my "notes" or other items that I collected over the years.
This first item was sent to me in an email by DC who was researching her family history.
It is a list of names of enslaved people that she had found in Wills.  It was her hope that someone might be able to use this information to find their family members.  So generous.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Edna Haynes Howard and Nola Haynes

The Haynes family moved from Second Creek in Monroe County to Brushy Ridge, Greenbrier County at some point and it was there that George Washington Haynes & Elizabeth Jane Payne Haynes raised their fourteen children.  See Brushy Ridge Colored by Frank Peck (which is online).
This photo is of Edna Haynes on the left.  She married Dr. Robert Howard.  They lived in WV & the are buried in Beckley near her mother, Elizabeth Jane.  On the right is one of the older sisters, Nola.  Nola was impeccable. She always wore pearls.  She lived in Wheeling, WV at the end of her life.  While Nola was one of the oldest, Edna was one of the youngest.  Of all of the siblings I was closest to Edna and Daines.  I think Nola at the end of her life went over to live with her baby sister Berniece (a podiatrist) in Cleveland, Ohio.  Berniece had a huge home and she was a fan of sheltering her family - choosing to live in the attic. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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I appreciate all of the comments.  So sorry I have not published them sooner. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friends of Old Stone

The Friends of Old Stone Cemetery have recently gone across the street to the Old Colored Cemetery / Dick Pointer Cemetery to help restore that cemetery as well.  They recently uncovered a Miller family and five graves of children which they lifted up to ground level.  I cannot express how much I appreciate their efforts.  They are also interested in the Sexton for Old Stone who was a Black male surnamed Bowyer.  They have restored his gravesite.  They are truly interested in cemetery restoration and should be applauded by their efforts.  My aunt Mary Ann Hughs and her brother James Littleton (though his stone says James Litton) are buried in the OCC/DPC.  Also, my grandfather's sister's husband Samuel Oscar Braddock is buried there. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hi folks - family - WV descendants.
I am still alive and kicking (having managed CA for four years) but more than that I have become interested in the other side of my family.  The Cape Verdean side.  And I have been working on an index of CV' s which is now 1600 pages.  Sorry if I have not responded to comments etc. 
But I WILL be back and do some housekeeping.  Also want to start two new blogs but am having problems navigating the settings on this site. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

W.P. Haynes and unknown woman, Pocahontas, West Virginia (from Dunsmore box of photos)

This photo
This photograph was taken by P.W. Poff. The Library of Virginia in an article about "A Guide to the Pocahotas, Virginia Carte de Viste" states (in part) that Perry W. Poff was born in Virginia about 1845.  He had a photography studio in Pocahontas, Virginia until about the mid 1890's.  Then he relocated to Mercer County where he opened a new studio. 
In a future edit of this post I will leave information about W.P. Haynes.