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INDEX OF BLOG (from 6/20/06 to 10/7/06)

6/20/06 - First post - Introduction
6/21/06 - Helpful contacts
Suggested Reading
Mildred Carter Bess (with photo of Mildred Carter Bess, Marvin Nelson, Pinkney Nelson, Elizabethy and Martha Carter Nelson)
More Resources
Census Books
Cemetery Books
Resources (continued)
6/22/06 - Anne Sidney Jackson Matthews WAde
Charles Anderson
Diary of (Caucasian) Reverend Samuel Houston (wherein he mentions Black members of his church)
Richard "Dick" Pointer
Franklin Winfield Page - enslaved man who broke the horse Traveller
6/23/06 - Eliza Ann Littleton - John Davis & Marriage Bonds available at the Greenbrier Historical Society.
6/24/06 - Samuel "Oscar" Johnson (with photo of SOJ, his wife Ethel Celina Haynes Johnson, and his daughter Eva Johnson).
Annie Matthews Perkins (with photo of her grave site)
6/25/06 - George Washington Haynes (with photo of GWH)
Community Based Genealogical Projects
6/27/06 - Why Being a Haynes Can Mean That You Are A Payne.
6/28/06 - Resources
Monroe County Will Book
6/29/06 - "Aunt Sally" Creigh/Sallie Woods

7/01/06 - Bishop Matthew W. Clair, Sr. and Fannie Mead Walker Clair, 7/02/2006 - "The Darkies" - comment on the Nickell family compilation; Marriage Bonds at the Greenbrier Historical Society at Lewisburg, W.V., 7/05/06 - 45th U.S.Colored Troops, 7/06/06 - More information on Annie Matthews Perkins car/train accident, 7/12/06 - contributions and invovlement of Blacks in the area, 7/16/06 - John Henry, Mary Ann Littleton Hughes, 7/24/06 - James P.D. Gardner, 7/30/06 - James Presley Ball, 8/1/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Martin Bibb, 8/3/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J. Ford Baggs, Rev. P.B. Baber, 8/6/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Charles L Campbell, 8/9/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Rufus Pack, 8/2/06 - Comment on a resource - A NEW RIVER HERITAGE by William Sanders, 8/21/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Stewart Aiken Lewis, Rev. H.R. Laird, 8/31/06 - Byrd Prillerman, 9/2/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Elijah P. Fleshman, 9/03/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Thomas W. Boothe, 9/5/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Elijah Ayers, 9/6/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Christopher Columbus Logan, 9/7/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J.P. Campbell, 9/8/06 - Marriages performed by A.J. Thompson, 9/9/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Edward P. Jackson, Rev. Samuel R. Houston, Rev. Jefferson Gillmore, Quick Indexz for June, July, August, Sept 2006, Marriages performed by Rev. J.E. Thorne, 9/13/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. R.J. Perkins, Rev. J.C. Killion, Rev. C.P. Kelley, 9/16/06 - Lynching at Lewisburg, GC, 9/17/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. E.P. Jeffries, Rev. Joseph W. Jackson, Rev. Wm. Jackson, 9/26/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. John A. Anderson, 9/30/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J.W. Keith, Rev. M.H. Bittinger, Rev. Abraham Beakes, Rev. John A. Anderson, 10/01/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. D.C. Hunter, Rev. A.C. Hubbard, Rev. A. Hogsett, Rev. Charles Hodges, Rev. A.J. Cummins, Rev. J.W. Cowgill, Rev. H.C. Conner, Rev. H.S. Coe, 10/02/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J. Lattimer Kibler, Rev. Lewis Kincaid, 10/03/06 - 10/4/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. S.E. Williams, Rev. A.W. Williams, Rev. James Sweeney, Rev. D. Stratton, Rev. George N. Spencer, Rev. William L. Smith, Rv. George W. Smith, Stuart-Stewart-Steward-Stuard&Sterit, Ada Smith/Bricktop, 10/4/06 - Marriages performed by William R. Williams, 10/5/06 - Marriages performed by W.H. Wiley/Wyley, Rev. I.W. Wightman, Rev. Wheeler, Rev. R.N. Wagner, 10/7/06 Landcraft and intermingled names that sound alike or are spelled differently (e.g. Landcraft/Sandcraft - some intermingling due to enumerator penmanship).