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Quick Index for June, July, Aug & Sept 2006


June -
20th - Blogger's Note - "About ten years ago I started to look for the identity of my grandparents in Greenbrier County." (Explanation for blog)
21st - Early WV Census Records; Resources; Mildred Carter Bess
22nd - Franklin Winfield Page, Nancy Gardner, Sarah Freeman, Julia Truss, Perkins Family, Harriet Olive Kelly Miller Williams, James & Malinda Freeman; Richard "Dick" Pointer; Resources/Tips (including "Black Residents of Greenbrier, Monroe, Pocahontas, & Summers Counties, WV - Notes of Carol L. Haynes", by Carol L. Haynes); Charles Anderson (Free Inhabitant); Housekeeping (Matthews, Anne Sidney Jackson Matthews Wade; Housekeeping (Resources)
23rd - Resources; Dora Littleton, Eliza Ann Littleton (Ellis) Davis, Mary Ann Littleton Hughes, James Littleton, Abram Ellis, John "Jack" Davis, Mary Ellis, Luther Ellis
24th - Annie Matthews Perkins, Samuel "Oscar" Johnson
25th - George Washington Haynes
27th - Why Being a Haynes Can Mean You Are a Payne; Spotts; Albert Payne, Martha Ann Payne Haynes Jones; Socrates Payne Haynes, Elizabeth Payne Haynes, Dudley Y. Payne Haynes, Charlotte Payne Haynes, James Haynes, Purcey/Percy Haynes, Solomon Haynes, Peter Jones, William Henry Brown, Relda Dunsmore; Richard "Dick" Pointer, Jonathan Pointer; Phyllis Preston Jarrett; Community Based Genealogical Projects
28th - Resources
29th - "Aunt Sally" (Creigh)/Sallie Woods; Resources; Jenny & Barsheba Ellison, Thomas Payne, Rev. Christopher Harrison Payne

July -
1st - Bishop Matthew W. Clair
2nd - Greenbrier Historical Society Marriage Bonds; "The Darkies" (a Nickell Family compilation); Samuel Moore, Emily Peck Patton Moore, John Moore, Dora Nickell, Samuel Killbreath
5th - 45th United States Colored Troops
6th - Annie Matthews Perkins, Josephine Cooley Jackson, Charles Walter Jackson, Tearance B. Jackson, Howard Cooley, Rose Emma Johnson Cooley, Juanita Jackson
12th - "Bricktop"; John Henry; James Presly Ball, Thomas Corbin Woodson, Frank W. Page & "Traveller"
16th - John Henry (famous worker who was engaged in a contest with a steam drill); Mary Ann Littleton Hughes
24th - James P.D. Gardner
30th - James Presly Ball

August -
1st - Marriages by Rev. Martin Bibb (Summers County)
3rd - Marriages by Rev. J. Ford Baggs; Marriages by Rev. P.B. Baber (Monroe County)
6th - Marriages by Rev. Charles L. Campbell (Monroe County)
9th - Marriages by Rev. Rufus Pack
12th - Resource - Note on NEW RIVER HERITAGE by William Sanders - a book about Summers County
21st - Marriages by Rev. Stewart Aiken Lewis (Monroe County marriages); Note on Agnes M. Lewis; Marriages by Rev. H.R. Laird
31st - Byrd Prillerman

September -
2nd - Marriages by Rev. Elijah P. Fleshman (Monroe County)
3rd - Marriages by Rev. Thomas W. Boothe
5th - Marriages by Rev. Elijah A. Ayers (Monroe County)
6th - Marriages by Rev. Christopher Columbus Logan (Greenbrier County)
7th - Marriages by Rev. J.P. Campbell (Monroe County & Summers County)
8th - Marriages by Rev. A.J. Thompson (Summers County)
9th - Marriages by Rev. J.E. Thorne (Monroe County); Note on Martha Thorne; Marriages by Rev. Jefferson Gillmore (Monroe County); Marriages by Rev. Samuel R. Houston (Monroe County); Marriages by Rev. Edward P. Jackson (Monroe County)
13th - Rev. R.J. Perkins; Rev. J.C. Killion, Rev. C.P. Kelley
16th - Lynching - Lewisburg, Greenbrier County
17th - Rev. E.P. Jeffries, Rev. Joseph Jackson, Rev. William Jackson
26th - Rev. John A. Anderson
30th - Rev. J.W. Keith, Rev. M.H. Bittinger, Rev. Abraham Beaks

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