Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rev. O.T. Harris

I'm not sure if Rev. O.T. Harris was Caucasian or Black but

he officiated at the following (Black) Monroe County marriages:

1895 -
Frank Dunsmore & Janet Haynes, 5/19/1895 at Sinks Grove
Perena Susan Spotts & Lon Erskine, 6/19/1895

he officiated at the following (Black) Summers County marriages:

1896 -
Hiram Gore & Hattie Gore, Jan/28/1896
Dennis Henderson & Charlotte Walker, 2/5/1896
Lewis Johnson & Rhoda Shanklin, 4/11/1896
Joseph Gore & Dora Wood, 6/1/1896
William Hargro & America Crump Gore, 12/24/1896

1897 -
Robert Burks & Nora Muse, Jan/28/1897
Lee Symns & Josie Walker, 2/24/1897
Robert Meadley & Robertie Merchant, 8/5/1897

1898 -
Robert Loggins & Jennie ? Vest

1899 -
Edward Shanklin & Rosie Shanklin, 4/29/1899
Edward Bush & Georgia Jackson, 12/24/1899
G.W. Reddix & Artie Clark, 12/27/1899

1901 -
J.T. Haynes & Stella Walker, Jan/24/1901
Preston Green & Nannie M. Crockett, Jan/27/1901

1902 -
Madison Gore & Cora Harper Davidson, Oct or Nov. 1902
Samuel E. Harris & Minnie S. Muse, 12/25/1902

1903 -
Matison Gore & Lavinia Haynes, 3/31/1903
David Pace & XXX J. Williams, April or May, 1903

1904 -
Dock Lewis & Gertie Davidson, 3/8/1904
Robert Haynes & Dora Gore, 12/1904


swanlovr said...

Hi - Rev. O.T. Harris married my grandparents, Lee Symns and Josie Walker. He also married her sister Stella and possibly her mother Charlotte. Do you have any additional information? Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Leander/Lee Simms - Husband of Josie Walker. Son of Margaret Simms. 1880 C, Summers County, Pipe Stem District,Black Male, 21, laborer son of Margaret Simms (enumerated as Leander Simms). In 1897,on 2.24.1897 he married JW. He was 26, b. in Monroe County, son of Margaret Syms. She was 21, b. in Summers County, & the daughter of Rachel Walker.
Please contact me at for more specific information. I do also have more information on the other individuals.

Marci said...

My name is Marcia D. Watson (Heavrin) my fathers name was Joseph Watson, his father Alexander Watson, and wife Elizabeth Watson Monroe-- I am looking to follow up on my Grandmothers side., alls I have is the name- Mary Monroe- it could have been spelled Munro-- and I was told she was a servant or slave of Pres. Monroe., also they said her husbands name was Yawl., or Youle?? my grandmother Elizabeth was born in Charlottesville, Va. 24th of Dec., 1889--any guidance will or would be greatly appreciated.. thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have 9 Monroe entries:
Annie Jackson Monroe: See the article Midwifery in WV by Ancella R. Bickley, WV History, Vol 49 (1990) - which states that she was a midwife.
Capmon John Monroe: Husband of Rose Williams, they married on 3/22/1900 at Richwood WV; He died on 4/23/1956 in Greenbrier (WV Death Certificate # 5844)
Henry Monroe: Husband of Josephine Lee, WV DC #5844, father of Capmon.
Josephine Lee Monroe: see above, mother of Capmon
Lee Monroe: WV DC # 56-010831, died on 8/18/1956 at Wayne County, WV.
Mattie Monroe: She became Mattie Monroe Jackson, the wife of J. Jackson and the mother of John W. Jackson.
Nannie Monroe: She became Nannie Monroe Jackson, wife of John W. Jackson, mother of Tarence Jackson.
Rose Williams Monroe: Wife of Capmon. She appears in the 1930 Census in Greenbrier County, b. ? 1903. She attended John Wesley United Methodist Church in Lewisburg, GC, WV.
Sallie Monroe: She appears on the 1880 Census in Summers County as a Black Female, age 14, b. in Virginia, a servant/cook for William Garner, who was a retail grocer.
I don't have any entries for "Mary Monroe/Munro".

Anonymous said...

Reverend O.T. Harris (Oliver Terrell Harris) was a black man and my great grandfather. John Harris, my grandfather, was the oldest son of Rev. O.T. Harris and Sarah Gore. My name is Vonn Harris and I live in Atlanta. I have a few questions about the deaths of 2 Gore teenagers in the 1800's if anyone has any information. They died on month apart at 11 years old and 13 years old.

Anonymous said...

Vonn - Do you have any pictures of O.T Harris? If so, could you post them?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Harris:
Thanks so much for adding a comment. I have not been able to edit or enter this site for technical reasons (but I may create another site - perhaps AAG-WV # 2). I have a good deal of information on the Gore family. Also, there is a man who did a 4 Volume Book about the Black Gore family in Summers County. Please e-mail me at
Carol Haynes

Anonymous said...

Carol Haynes and Sadie,

I am sorry it's taken so long to respond. I have not checked this sight since I responded. I do have access to pictures or Rev. O.T. Harris. My great uncle Titus Harris, son of the reverend, passed a few years ago and my father's first cousins have restored the original home place. There are many pictures there. I will go home again this summer and will get copies.
Carol, I have the first volume on the Gore family in Summers County. Let's keep in touch. Also, I called and spoke with a Gore living in the mid west. She gave me great information about how and why the migrated to the midwest. One Gore father had a wife and mistress (18??) (caucasian) and the children of the wife relocated out of disgust and anger. They have a very big reunion and are connected with Gores all over the USA. They don't seem to know much about the Gores that still live in WV. I informed her that I was a decendent of Green Gore and the slave Sarah, not Margret. Sarah was deeded land in Cashers Hill, WV. and our family still maintains the land. Please email me at

Billie said...

I cam remember Rev. Harris preaching in the Baptis Church Red Sulphur Springs when i was a kid, My Great Grandfather was John Gore my Grand Father was Walter Gore from Chaster Hill WV. Grandad Walt had a Sister name Ella Gore, she married Howard Walker they had several childern, I also remember when i was in the 9th grade at Lincoln High School in Hinton WV some Girls came from Bluefield to visit our school one or more of the girls were Harris
Billie Johnson
Burlington NJ

Anonymous said...

I'm related to the Greene Gore family and am trying to locate the Gore book that spoke about, but email is outdated.
If anyone has any info on the
Book or Greene Gore's brother,pls contact me at

Anonymous said...

My name is Lisa Palmer Culp. I am related to the same Gores aforementioned. Ella Gore was my great grandmother. Her daughter, Eula was my grandmother. I have had dna testing done and have learned that through the female line there is a connection to an ancestor of Spanish and Indian origins and possibly Jewish. Does anyone have any information about this?