Saturday, July 30, 2011

L. Haynes

This photo only says "L. Haynes" so I can't identify her further. I have been working for the last 24 hours to get my Haynes section (Part 9 of 30 parts) to the Greenbrier Historical Society and the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. Since this Part is about my own family - and since I have so many photos - it seems that it is taking me forever to get it finished. The good thing is that I had neglected my work for so long and this has gotten me invigorated and interested again.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure but she could possibly be Lula Haynes. Lula lived in Monroe County right off the highway as you are headed toward Sinks Grove. If it is Lula, I think she passed in 1969.

William E. Lacy

Anonymous said...

That makes sense William because it came from a box out of her family's home.

avhsf88 said...

Thank you for this photo of Lula. She was my great-grandmother, Lucy Florence Williams Freeman's sister(see my profile photo) They definitely favor! Would love to see more photos from Lula's home. I am looking for photos of the family, particularly wedding photos among others- thanks!

Andrea V. Haynes