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INDEX OF BLOG (from 6/20/06 to 10/7/06)

6/20/06 - First post - Introduction
6/21/06 - Helpful contacts
Suggested Reading
Mildred Carter Bess (with photo of Mildred Carter Bess, Marvin Nelson, Pinkney Nelson, Elizabethy and Martha Carter Nelson)
More Resources
Census Books
Cemetery Books
Resources (continued)
6/22/06 - Anne Sidney Jackson Matthews WAde
Charles Anderson
Diary of (Caucasian) Reverend Samuel Houston (wherein he mentions Black members of his church)
Richard "Dick" Pointer
Franklin Winfield Page - enslaved man who broke the horse Traveller
6/23/06 - Eliza Ann Littleton - John Davis & Marriage Bonds available at the Greenbrier Historical Society.
6/24/06 - Samuel "Oscar" Johnson (with photo of SOJ, his wife Ethel Celina Haynes Johnson, and his daughter Eva Johnson).
Annie Matthews Perkins (with photo of her grave site)
6/25/06 - George Washington Haynes (with photo of GWH)
Community Based Genealogical Projects
6/27/06 - Why Being a Haynes Can Mean That You Are A Payne.
6/28/06 - Resources
Monroe County Will Book
6/29/06 - "Aunt Sally" Creigh/Sallie Woods

7/01/06 - Bishop Matthew W. Clair, Sr. and Fannie Mead Walker Clair, 7/02/2006 - "The Darkies" - comment on the Nickell family compilation; Marriage Bonds at the Greenbrier Historical Society at Lewisburg, W.V., 7/05/06 - 45th U.S.Colored Troops, 7/06/06 - More information on Annie Matthews Perkins car/train accident, 7/12/06 - contributions and invovlement of Blacks in the area, 7/16/06 - John Henry, Mary Ann Littleton Hughes, 7/24/06 - James P.D. Gardner, 7/30/06 - James Presley Ball, 8/1/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Martin Bibb, 8/3/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J. Ford Baggs, Rev. P.B. Baber, 8/6/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Charles L Campbell, 8/9/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Rufus Pack, 8/2/06 - Comment on a resource - A NEW RIVER HERITAGE by William Sanders, 8/21/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Stewart Aiken Lewis, Rev. H.R. Laird, 8/31/06 - Byrd Prillerman, 9/2/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Elijah P. Fleshman, 9/03/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Thomas W. Boothe, 9/5/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Elijah Ayers, 9/6/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Christopher Columbus Logan, 9/7/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J.P. Campbell, 9/8/06 - Marriages performed by A.J. Thompson, 9/9/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. Edward P. Jackson, Rev. Samuel R. Houston, Rev. Jefferson Gillmore, Quick Indexz for June, July, August, Sept 2006, Marriages performed by Rev. J.E. Thorne, 9/13/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. R.J. Perkins, Rev. J.C. Killion, Rev. C.P. Kelley, 9/16/06 - Lynching at Lewisburg, GC, 9/17/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. E.P. Jeffries, Rev. Joseph W. Jackson, Rev. Wm. Jackson, 9/26/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. John A. Anderson, 9/30/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J.W. Keith, Rev. M.H. Bittinger, Rev. Abraham Beakes, Rev. John A. Anderson, 10/01/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. D.C. Hunter, Rev. A.C. Hubbard, Rev. A. Hogsett, Rev. Charles Hodges, Rev. A.J. Cummins, Rev. J.W. Cowgill, Rev. H.C. Conner, Rev. H.S. Coe, 10/02/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. J. Lattimer Kibler, Rev. Lewis Kincaid, 10/03/06 - 10/4/06 - Marriages performed by Rev. S.E. Williams, Rev. A.W. Williams, Rev. James Sweeney, Rev. D. Stratton, Rev. George N. Spencer, Rev. William L. Smith, Rv. George W. Smith, Stuart-Stewart-Steward-Stuard&Sterit, Ada Smith/Bricktop, 10/4/06 - Marriages performed by William R. Williams, 10/5/06 - Marriages performed by W.H. Wiley/Wyley, Rev. I.W. Wightman, Rev. Wheeler, Rev. R.N. Wagner, 10/7/06 Landcraft and intermingled names that sound alike or are spelled differently (e.g. Landcraft/Sandcraft - some intermingling due to enumerator penmanship).


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!.I'm. Phillip Roy Luvenia Roy gg child I know this from my great grandmother Lucy howard .who's father was. John .Phillip roy and mother Luvenia Roy .who had my gg father John Howard.they moved to wva from craig va. Then john married to maggie barrett from byrd goochland va. Who had lucy howard.and my grandfather is nat goins ooh lucy married a goins from buckingham va. By the named walter goins.

Anonymous said...

My great great grandmother's name was Maggie. She had a child with a Howard and that child's name was Lucy. Lucy had children with a Goins and one of her children's name was Nat. They are from West Virginia. I wonder if this is the same family line. My grandfather's name was John and my father's name was John.