Monday, December 04, 2006

Anderson Jones

Anderson Jones is a notable Greenbrier County resident as he was involved in the only case in which "a ghost" helped to send a man to jail for murder.

Anderson was the son of one of the aforementioned "Martha Jones" (see previous post)
& Reuben Jones. He was the brother of Reuben Jones.
He may be the William A. Jones who appears on the 1880 Census, Greenbrier County (GC), Lewisburg District (LD), BM, 3, with Reuben Jones.
(although he appears in later censuses as being about two years younger - but then in 1930 he gives an age which squares with this entry).
He appears on the 1900 Census, Greenbrier County (GC), Williamsburg District (WD) as a Black male, age 20, b. 1879, son of Martha, brother of Reuben.
He appears on the 1910 Census, GC, LD, BM, 31, b. 1879, single, servant.
He appears on the 1930 Census, GC, LD, BM, 55, b. ?1875, servant in a private family, son of Martha Jones.
He appears in the book THE GREENBRIER GHOST AND OTHER STRANGE STORIES by Dennis Deitz, on pages 12, 15, & 16. Mr. Deitz indicates that Anderson was a witness to the events following the death of Zona Heaster Shue (1896) (It appears that in testimony Anderson thought he was about 11 years old where the censuses would put him at 17-20 years old)
He appears on a WORLD WAR I DRAFT REGISTRATION CARD at age 40 & indicates that he was born 8/1888, that he was a laborer at Ronceverte & that his nearest relative was his mother, Martha Jones of Lewisburg. The card also indicates that he was medium height & stout build with brown eyes & black hair.
He appears on WV DEATH CERTIFICATE # 8537 which indicates that he died on 6/17/1953 at Lewisburg & that he was a single black male, the son of Reuben & Martha Robinson Jones. At the time of his death he was thought to be about 76 years old. He is buried at the Clintonville Cemetery.

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