Monday, December 25, 2006

John Wesley United Methodist Church - Lewisburg, Greenbrier County

In early 2000 a cousin from Lewisburg sent me an old program from this church which listed the Pastors of John Wesley United Methodist Church in Lewisburg, West Virginia:

Rev. John Barnett (he officiated at marriages around 1875 - 1891)
Rev. E.A. Bolling (born in 1860)
Rev. J.L. Brown (he officiated at marriages around 1894-1895 - see previous post)
Rev. Michael Casongo
Rev. Henry K. James
Rev/ David E. Jasper
Rev. Abraham Jenkins
Rev. Moses Lake
Rev. J.W. Langford
Rev. R.P. Lawson
Rev. Julius C. Love
Rev. William Moorman (he officiated at marriages around 1891-92 - see 1/3/07 post)
Rev. Julius Williams
Rev. Roscoe Williams
(more names to be added)

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