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I have more than 30 Black Erskine entries in my compilation:
Unnamed Erskine died on 6/6/1966 in Greenbrier, black male, no age given
Unnamed Erskine - 1910 Census, Greenbrier, BM, 14 (actually the first name was unintelligible)
Unnamed Erskine - Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society - Vol 7, # 4, 2002, relative to the article about Dr. Creigh & the fact that on 3/7/1846 he "went to Erskins to see a black child".
Albert Erskine who was the husband of Ann Burton Erskine - They married in Monroe County in 1875. They were both born in MC. They were married at the Caperton residence by Rev. C.L. Campbell.
Alexander Erskin - 1870 Census, 19y
Alexander Erskine - 1880 Census, 2y, son of William Erskine
Bell Erskine - 1880 Census, Summers County, 34y
Boliver/Polivar Erskine - In 1879 he gave permission for his daughter Lieurnenor to marry Lisin J.H. Bailey.
Clara Brown Erskine - Wife of William who she married on 10/17/1876 in Monroe. She appears with him on the 1880 Census in Monroe. She is 23y.
Clayton Erskine - Son of Ernest Sweeny. He appears on the 1920 Census, Greenbrier, age 9.
Dover Erskine is listed in Mary Frances Bodemuller's book "African American Records".
Harry Erskine - Daughter of Lonnie Erskine. She appears on the 1930 Census, 13y.

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