Saturday, July 03, 2010


I have two entries for Lucy Peck.

(1) Lucy Jane Peck Nelson, wife of Coleman Nelson, daughter of Elizabeth Peck.

(2) Lucille O. Peck/ Lucy Boone Peck, wife of Frank U.G. Peck, daughter of Daniel & Jennie Moore Boone. She appears on the 1880 Census at Greenbrier County, Irish Corner District, as a mulatto female, 6 y.o., granddaughter of John Moore, daughter of Jennie Moore Boone. She appears on the 1900 Census GC,ICD, black female, 26y, b. 7/1873, wife of Frank, 26y, had 3 children, 3 still living. In this census she is listed as Lucy. 1910 Census, GC, ICD, 37, wife of Frank, had 7 children, 7 still living. 1920 Census, 46, wife of Frank. 1930 Census, GC, ICD, 56 y, first married at age 20, wife of Frank, listed as Lucille. She appears in Larry Shuck's GC Birth Records at p. 282. She appears in the article History of Brushy Ridge; the Moore Boone Family History by Murapa; The Progeny of John & Susannah Moore by Murapa and Brown. WV Death Certificate No. 244 indicates that she died on
Jan. 10, 1952at 78y.

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