Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recent four photos

Some explanation of the recent four photos:
(1) George Washington Haynes was the husband of Elizabeth Jane Payne Haynes Haynes Lewis. They had 14 children. One of their children is Ethel Celina Haynes who appears in one of the four photos (standing next to her husband who is seated and holding their baby). Another of their children is William "Hubert" Haynes who is standing on the right of another one of the pictures (but to the left of his wife Dora).
(2) The photo of William, Santa Claus, and the donkey was rescued from a Dunsmore house on Brushy Ridge and was given to me by E. Carter of Lewisburg.
(3) Samuel "Oscar" Johnson is the subject of one of the photos. He is, by oral history, descended from General Edward Braddock (Commander of George Washington and Daniel Boone). General Braddock was only in this country for a short while but he was here long enough to have a liaison with an enslaved woman. The liaison produced a son. The son married a woman named Josephine. The son (name not known) and Josephine are the parents of the Black Braddock family of Lewisburg. (This was related to me by the child who is sitting on Samuel's lap, his daughter, Eva Otelia Johnson Peters). Samuel's wife was my grandfather's older sister. She was an artist and a musician and she liked to act. I have another picture of her which I will post at some point in time.
(4) See explanation below.

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