Saturday, September 13, 2014

The below 36 photos are from the Dunsmore home in Brushy Ridge

Greenbrier County, WV and they were kindly shared with me by Elaine.  Elaine and I are both descended from Martha Payne Haynes.  Martha was "married" to Burton Payne in ? Fayette during her enslavement.  He was sold to Virginia where it appears that he married another Martha.  His first Martha - my great-great-grandmother - married Solomon Haynes on July 4, 1865.  They lived around Second Creek, Monroe County.  Martha had a child - not sure who the father was -child was born during her enslavement - named Socrates & Elaine is descended from him.  Another child was Elizabeth - who was also born during her enslavement.  I am descended from Elizabeth (who is my great-grandmother).  Elizabeth married George Washington Haynes and they moved to Brushy Ridge, Greenbrier County.  

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