Saturday, September 13, 2014

The below 36 photos are from the Dunsmore home in Brushy Ridge ...

.....Greenbrier County, WV and they were kindly shared with me by Elaine.  Elaine and I are both descended from Martha Payne Haynes.  Martha was "married" to Burton Payne in Palmyra, Fluvanna County, Virginia during her enslavement.  She was sold  by A.G. Wills to Elizabeth Stone, a 22 year old school teacher (along with her sons Socrates and Albert) while Burton had been sent on an errand.  Whe Burton came back from the errand they were gone.  He never saw them again.  It is reported the upon being sold Martha was hysterical and Albert was hanging onto her leg. 
     Burton was the son of the enslaver William Burton Payne and an enslaved woman.  Elizabeth Stone took Martha and the two boys to Lewisburg, West Virginia.  At some point Burton married another Martha.  (So there are two Payne lines - Albert and his descendants who kept the name Payne (and possibly Socrates who adopted the name Haynes as did all of Martha's children that she had in WV AND the descendants of Burton and the second Martha).
     Burton's first Martha - my great-great-grandmother - married Solomon Haynes on July 4, 1865.  He was not old enough to have been the father of most of her children and I don't think he was my great grandmother Elizabeth's father.  They lived around Second Creek, Monroe County.  Elaine is descended from Martha's first child Socrates.  The photos are from the home of Janett Haynes who was Socrates' daughter.  She was married to a Dunsmore (I need to check this). 

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Unknown said...

According to the 1900 census Burton Payne and his wife, Martha, have been married for 38 years...are you sure he was married to the Martha who married Solomon Haynes? Appears to be conflicts.