Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sorry - just moderated many many posts.

I appreciate all of the comments.  So sorry I have not published them sooner. 


Unknown said...

Hi, Carol - I was doing a little late night googling for Cook Littleton and found you had this blog. Very nice!

Very happy to know my transcribed version of James Kincaid's will was helpful in some way in piecing together the past. I don't get to Virginia often, but when I do I'd like to visit Cook's grave to pay my respects, if it is in a known location. That could never happen had you not done the research. Great seeing your genealogy work continues!

All my best wishes,

William Kincaid

Lynn Cutter said...

Dear Carol, I work with the Monroe County Historical Society in Union, WV. I am doing research into our African American community, and am indebted to you for the Census Reports you have done. Our Society owns the two church buildings which were once homes to the First Baptist congregation that formed in 1870, and the Ames Memorial Methodist congregation. We are planning an exhibit and outdoor signs for these two buildings for this year 2020.