Friday, February 21, 2020

Edna Haynes Howard and Nola Haynes

The Haynes family moved from Second Creek in Monroe County to Brushy Ridge, Greenbrier County at some point and it was there that George Washington Haynes & Elizabeth Jane Payne Haynes raised their fourteen children.  See Brushy Ridge Colored by Frank Peck (which is online).
This photo is of Edna Haynes on the left.  She married Dr. Robert Howard.  They lived in WV & the are buried in Beckley near her mother, Elizabeth Jane.  On the right is one of the older sisters, Nola.  Nola was impeccable. She always wore pearls.  She lived in Wheeling, WV at the end of her life.  While Nola was one of the oldest, Edna was one of the youngest.  Of all of the siblings I was closest to Edna and Daines.  I think Nola at the end of her life went over to live with her baby sister Berniece (a podiatrist) in Cleveland, Ohio.  Berniece had a huge home and she was a fan of sheltering her family - choosing to live in the attic. 

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