Monday, November 30, 2020

Daniel C. Boone & his wife Virginia "Jennie" Moore

 In the article History of the Brushy Ridge Community (Colored) by Frank U.G. Peck he states (in part):   "In the sixties, Daniel C. Boone came from North Carolina.  He married Jennie Moore, one of John Moore's daughters, and lived first in South Brushy Ridge ... worked in the tan yard for Madison Nickell.  He finally bought a home in North Brushy Ridge where he reared a large family" & "W.J. Boone married Lida Fortner.  They lived in North Brushy Ridge for a while then moved to the coal mines where they lived for 28 years.  He & his family have returned to South Brushy Ridge and are living at the Curry home" & "D.J. Boone married Della Gillbreth.  In 1914 he bought a home in North Brushy Ridge where they lived for a short while" & "Alphia Boone married Bula Dickerson.  They have lived here but no live down on the river".  

Daniel C. Boone was born in November, 1842 in North Carolia (though one census says Tennessee).  He died on 6/14/1916.  He married Virginia "Jennie" Moore on 3/19/1870 in Greenbrier County.  Daniel can be found on the 1870 Census, MC, Second Creek, and this is where it says he was from Tennessee but someone else could have just thought this and reported it as such.  Information on censuses is often only as reliable as the reporter.  He was 30 and a Tanner.  Ancestry says he was a "farmer" in this year but the written census clearly reveals "tanner" and Mr. Peck indicated in his article that Daniel worked "in the tan yard".  Daniel can be found on the 1880 Census, GC, Irish Corner District at 37y, he is married but his wife is not shown.  He can be found on the 1900 Census at age 57, with his wife, Virginia 48 & his children:  Daniel Jr. 20, Harriett 17, Jessie (James) 15, Cora 2, Alphia 10, Minerva 6, & Adrea 4.  He can be found on the 1910 Census at age 68 with Virginia 56 & Josephine, 16.  

The Madison Nickell who is mentioned as his employer is James Madison Nickell (1813 - 1886) who was married to Sarah Ann Nickell.  He lived in Monroe County and is buried at Sinks Grove (the same MC locale where many of our Black ancestors are buried at Neff Orchard Road/Mt. Zion Baptist Church/Sinks Grove Cemetery - including my grandfather William Hubert Haynes and my great grandfather George Washington Haynes). 

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