Thursday, July 06, 2006

Annie Matthew Perkins (more information)

In the previous profile regarding Annie Matthews Perkins, I indicated that she and three friends were killed in a car accident in Fayette County on 10/28/1928. Today, I searched the WV Death Certificates on line ( & learned the identity of the three friends. They were Josephine Cooley Jackson (about 35 y.o.) (WV DC # 12683) and her sons Charles Walter Jackson (17) (WVDC # 12682) & Tearance B. Jackson (14) (WV DC # 12684). Earlier today an aunt supplied me with the surname "Jackson" but putting it into the WV DC site revealed only the two boys. I knew there was a fourth person in the car so I attempted a new search and put a single asterisk in the space for last name. I then selected Fayette County, the year 1928, & the tag for "exact date". This search yielded every death in Fayette in 1928. I then scrolled down to find everyone who died on 10/28/1928 & found Josephine Cooley Jackson.
Josephine Cooley Jackson was the wife of Tarance Jackson. She was the daughter of Howard Cooley & Rose "Emma" Johnson Cooley. She was also the mother of Juanita Jackson.

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