Sunday, July 30, 2006

James Presly Ball

James Presly Ball
I only have one individual listed in my compilation with the surname "Ball". He is James Presly Ball and he appears to have spent enough time in Lewisburg to register as a free man (in 1847). The Registry of Free People of Color 1846 - 1964, index by James Talbert of the Greenbrier Historical Society, 12/31/2001 (Appalachian Springs Newsletter of the GHS, 6/2002) contains an 1847 entry (entry # 12) dated 12/27/1847 for James Presly Ball, 22 years of age, the son of William & Susan Bell, free person of color.
James Presly Ball became a photographer of some importance in the Cincinnati area.
Information on James Presly Ball can be found at: Black_photography
10874493 - "becoming the Richard Avedon of the 1880's"
Appalachian Springs, Vol 10, # 3, 2004 (which refers the reader to )

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