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As I indicated in an earlier post, I began to collect the names of other WV residents (mainly in 4 southern counties of WV) after I'd hit a brick wall as it related to the research of my own family. Often, while researching the families of others, I have stumbled onto someone in my own family. That happened again today.

I was looking for Littleton's who had died in WV (by searching the WV Division of Culture and History Vital Records site). I plugged in the name Littleton (for all counties and all years) and one of my earliest traceable ancestors popped up as the first name on the list and in a county that I have never researched.

Mariah Littleton died in Harrison County, Clarksburg, in 1893 at age 100 years and 2 months. She was born in Greenbrier County, she was a housewife, her parents were unknown, her son (as listed on the death information) was Byrd Littleton. There is no WV DC # as her death is listed on a spreadsheet.

Maria was the wife of Cook Littleton (who appears to have been enslaved by the Kincaid family of the Williamsburg District of GC - near Pocahontas). She appears on the 1870 Census in Lewisburg as a Black Female, age 70 and the mother of John Littleton. She was "keeping house".

She was the mother of Mary Ann Littleton Hughes, John Littleton, Byrd Littleton and James Littleton. She was the grandmother of Eliza Ann Littleton. An entry in the Greenbrier County Death Book (1891) indicates that Mary Ann Littleton Hughes was the informant for her brother John's death and that Mary Ann indicated that John's parents were Mary & Cook Littleton.

Mariah's children seem to have remained in Greenbrier County with the exception of Byrd Littleton who moved to Clarksburg, Harrison County (and she joined him there before her death).

Mariah's son, James Littleton (1840 - 1915) remained in GC. When he was 54 y.o. (8/1/1894) he married Nancy "Nannie" W. Perkins Morrison Littleton.
References to James Littleton can be found at:
Greenbrier County Cemetery Book
Larry Shuck's Greenbrier County Marriage Records
Greenbrier County Historical Society Marriage Bonds (the marriage of Eliza A. Littleton)
Greenbrier County Index to Deaths

Mariah's son John Littleton (1841 - 1891) remained in GC. He never married. He worked for the sisters of Lt. Gov. of Confederate Va, Samuel Price & he appears with them on the 1870 Census as a 25 year old (Big Levels District). He is mentioned a number of times in the GC Deed Book. In the 1880 Census he is a 35 y.o. Black farmer, with his mother, Maria (70) & his niece Elvira (22) his cousin Dora (14), his nephew Roy (2) and with his sister Mary Ann Hughes (52). He is buried in the Williamsburg District of GC.

Mariah's daughter Mary Ann Littleton Hughes was discussed in a previous post. She was the domestic servant for Lt. Gov. Samuel Price. She shares a tombstone with her brother James & the stone says that she lived for 112 years.

Mariah's son Byrd Littleton was a grocer in Clarksburg, Harrison County. He appears on the 1900 Census. He died on 8/15/1900. His wife was Maria Webb Littleton (she died 2/2/1923). On the 1900 census, Byrd is listed with the following children: Jennie (18, a school teacher), Hugh (24, a waiter in a hotel), May (22) & Florence (19). Another son, Roy H. died in 1898 of consumption. Information about Hugh can be found in draft records. The other siblings show up in various censuses and appear to have lived together for many years. One sister married a Thomas.

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