Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rev. Charles Williams/Rev. Charles (Creigh) (Black Minister)

See A COMPREHENSIVE NAME INDEX FOR THE AMERICAN SLAVE compiled b Howard E. Potts, p. 76. Mr. Potts indicates that this man (Rev. Charles Willaims) had been enslaved by Mrs. Frances Cree in Greenbrier County, W.V. This would be Mrs. Frances Creigh (Creigh was/is pronounced "Cree").

The Creigh surname (for Black individuals) does not appear to have survived after emancipation. Individuals who were enslaved by the Creigh family may have once been enslaved by the Withrow family as Dr. Creigh's first wife, Mary James Withrow, enslaved a number of individuals.

For information about enslaved Creigh's see African American Records by Mary Frances Bodemuller and Shuck's Greenbrier County Death & Birth Records.
Also see Greigh.

Other individuals enslaved by the Creigh family were:
Betty (Creigh) - See Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society, Vol. 7, #4, 2002, pages 25 & 35.
Lucinda (Creigh) - (same Journal of the GHS article)
Martha (Creigh) - (same Journal of the GHS article)
Sally/Aunt Sally (Creigh) - (same Journal of the GHS article) & History of Greenbrier County by Otis K. Rice, p. 295, & Greenbrier County Pioneers, p. 325. This writer believes that following emancipation "Aunt Sally" became Sallie Woods. See Black Residents of Greenbrier, Monroe, Pocahontas, & Summers Counties by C. Haynes (available at the Greenbrier Historical Society at Lewisburg, WV, and the W.V. Division of Culture and History in Charleston, W.V.)

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