Saturday, October 07, 2006


In an earlier post I indicated that I "intermingle" names when two names sound alike or when indiviudals are listed under two different spellings of a name. One such name is Landcraft, which I originally read as Sandcraft because of enumerator penmanship.
One of the early Landcraft's was "Noris/Morris Landcraft" who appears on the 1870 Census in Greenbrier County (GC), Blue Sulphur Township (BST), as a mulatto male, age 38, farm hand, born in Virginia, with Charles (17), Victory (15), Stuart (12), Ennis (10), & (an 8 year old named Elizabeth who is listed as a white female - but there is a question mark next to the racial designation). In 1900, (Noris) appears again in GC, BST as a Black male, age 68, born January, 1832, a farmer, widowed, with his sons, Willie (17), Hotry (15), John N. (12), his daughter, Helen L. (10) & with a servant/housekeeper named Mary A. Johnson (45). Mary's children are also in the household and they are Laura & Lucy. Another person in the household is a boarder, Morris Thompson. In 1910, (Moris Landcraft) appears in GC, BST, as a black male, age 76, farmer, widowed, with Boatswain S. (25) (*note: Boatswain is Hotry), John (23), & Ellen A. (21). Moris/Noris Landcraft can also be found in African American Records by Mary Frances Bodemuller, Larry Shuck's Greenbrier County Death Records, page 157, & Shuck's Greenbrier County Birth Records, pages 187 & 221.
Amminta (1870 Census), C. (1920 Census), Calloway (husband of Emily Pack), Coney (1920 Census), Craig (1920 Census), D. Thompson (Shuck's Marriage Records), Dorinda (See Lucinda Landcraft), Eliza (1880 Census), Ementha (1930 Census & graduate of Bolling High School 1936), Emma (1920 Census), Henderson (1870 Census), James E. (1920 Census), John (in addition to the above listings with Noris/Morris, John can be found in AA Records by Bodemuller & Shuck's Birth Records), Kenneth (1910 Census), L. (Shuck's Birth Records), Letitia (See Letitia "Tessia" Landcraft Pack, wife of Meshack Pack), Lurinda/Larinda/Thennda Thompson Landcraft (Wife of Noris/Moris, died 8/17/1889 - GC Register of Deaths, also see AA Records by Bodemuller & Shuck's birth records), M. (Shuck's birth records), Mary (See Mary Landcraft Pack, wife of Harris Pack), Mollie (1920 Census), Neteria (See Neteria Allen), Oran (1880 Census with his wife Eliza), Pidgie (1910 Census), Samuel (1870 & 1880 Census), Sarah Eddie Swope Lancraft (Wife of William H. Landcraft who she married in 1905 in Monroe County (MC), 1910 Census), Stuart (1870 Census), Theodore (1920 Census), Tina (1920 Census), Vater (AA Records & Shuck's Birth Records), Victory (1870 Census), Walter (1920 Census), William H. (Husband of Sarah, 1905 marriage in MC, 1920 Census).

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