Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rev. A. Hogsett (Caucasian officiant at Black marriages)

Rev. A. Hogsett officated at the following (Black) Summers County marriages:
1893 -
Ed McCormich & Maggie Mitchell, 4/26/1893
Sylvester Terrell & Lizzie Henderson, 12/18/1893
1894 -
Satchel/Satabel Kelly & Emma Shinalt
1895 -
John W. Essex, Jr. & Hallie R. Wesley, Jan/9/1895

* I have not been able to find Rev. A. Hogsett on the census for Summers County. I assume he was Caucasian, however, as there were no Black Hogsetts on the two censuses that I reviewed. Also, there are no Black Hogsett entries in my compilation.

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