Friday, October 20, 2006

Rev. Matthew Lyle Lacy (Caucasian minister officiated at Black Marriages)

Rev. Matthew Lyle Lacy officiated at the following (Black) Monroe County marriages:
1889 -
Albert Payne & Ida Bell Dunsmore, 10/15/1889
1892 -
John Lewis Dunsmore & Lydia Erskine

Note: In the Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society, Volume 7, # 6, 2004, page 64 in an article relative to the HISTORICAL SKETCH OF MAXWELLTON it states that Lee Military Academy "was bought by the citizens of Lewisburg and given to the Greenbrier Presbytery and the school was run by Rev. M.L. Lacy, DD until it was taken over by the Col. H.B. Moore ..." .
Because of the above information I believe that Rev. Lacy was Caucasian.

Note also that the Albert Payne above was the son of Martha Ann Payne Haynes Jones & the stepson of Solomon (Saul/Sam) Haynes & Peter Jones.

On 11/27/06, a comment was received by this writer relative to this entry & the writer of the comment advised that "M.L. Lacy" was Rev. Matthew Lyle Lacy & offered these important facts: "Rev. Matthew Lyle Lacy.... (was) co-pastor of the Presbyterian church ... (1869) ... until 1882 ... & "from 1887 until 1902 he was pastor of two churches in Monroe County, the Union Presbyterian Church and Mt. Pleasant Church at Sinks Grove". This comment is very much appreciated for many reasons including the fact that it places the minister in the exact community where the bride and groom Albert & Ida Payne lived (at Sinks Grove).

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