Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rev. L. Baxter Goodall

Rev. L. Baxter Goodall was a Baptist minister at Alderson, Greenbrier County. He was a minister at the Second Baptist Church in Summers County.
He was the officiant at the following (Black) Monroe County marriages:
1902 -
Sachel McKeener & Mary Smith, 12/6/1902 (note - this may actually have been a Summers County marriage)
1904 - Erastus S. Pack & Annetta Frances Trice, 11/15/1904
He was the officiant at the following (Black) Summers County marriages:
1903 -
Lacy Robinson & Maggie Wingfield
1904 -
George W. Scott & Ros B. Qualls, 2/7/1904
1905 -
James Morris & Fannie Taylor, 11/2/1905

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