Tuesday, January 11, 2011


These are two photos of the gravesite of Annie Matthew Perkins at the Old Colored Cemetery in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Annie Matthews Perkins was the daughter of William M. Perkins and Adonia Avery Perkins.

She appears on the 1910 Census in Greenbrier, Lewisburg as an infant, daughter of William and Dona Perkins. She is enumerated as "Annie M.".

West Virginia Death Certificate # 12685 indicates that she died on 10/28/1928 at 19 years old at Fayette. She was a black female, single, a school girl, ? date of birth, daughter of William Perkins and Dona Perkins. Her usual residence was Lewisburg. The cause of death was - "C & O train # 101 struck car at Montgomery crossing. Fractured Skull. Shock." She was buried at Lewisburg on 11/1/1928.

An interview that I conducted with a Lewisburg resident on 1/10/2006 revealed that Annie was travelling with "Juanita's mother and Juanita's two brothers" to see a friend who was away at school. They were struck by a train and all were killed". Following this interview I did further research and found that Annie was in the car with Josephine Cooley Jackson (see WVDC # 12683) and her sons, Charles Walter Jackson, age 17 (WVDC # 12682) and Tearance B. Jackson, Jr., age 14 (WVDC #12684).

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