Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dunsmore / Haynes

This photo was owned by the family of Overton "Opie" Dunsmore. The family lived on Brushy Ridge, Greenbrier County. Opie Dunsmore was the husband of Reona Douglass Dunsmore. He was the son of Frank and Mary "Jennette" Haynes Dunsmore. He was the grandson of Socrates (Payne) Haynes and Barbara/Martha Moore Haynes. He was the brother of Ola Dunsmore and the stepbrother of Bertie Constance Haynes Holmes*.
Socrates (Payne) Haynes was the older brother of my greatgrandmother, Elizabeth Jane (Payne) Haynes Haynes Lewis and they were the children of Martha Payne Haynes (wife of (1) Burton Payne; (2) Solomon Haynes; & (3) Peter Jones).
Overton took care of the Neff Orchard Road Cemetery until his death. Overton died around 1997.
This photo was part of a shoebox of photos given to me by Elaine Carter. The photos came out of the house at a time when the family was preparing to sell the house.

*Bertie was the daughter of Cora Haynes. Cora was my grandfather's sister. Cora was the daughter of Mansfield and Eliza Dawson Haynes.

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