Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unidentified church - Unidentified Pastors

Hopefully someone will be able to identify this church and these pastors. I am assuming that it must be a church in either Monroe County - near second creek; but more likely in Greenbrier County.


Anonymous said...

The Church above is in the town of Union, West Virginia. The bell-tower was removed years ago. You would have to research the Monroe Watchman Newspaper archives for further information and even upon the pastors of the Church. The Church is still standing along 219 in the middle section of the town. It can be seen using Google Earth and the street-view ability. The fence is long gone, but if you compare the photo with the image from Google Earth, the long windows are clearly visuable.

Dacanta said...

hi carol,
here's a url about the baptist church in union. the older pastor is probably rev. charles l. campbell.