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I previously wrote that Virginia "Jennie" Barber Curry was the wife of J. Calvin Curry and that their marriage information indicated that she was born in Monroe County and that at the time of her marriage, in 1874, she was 18 y.o. Thus, she must have been born in MC around 1856.
I have 30 Barbour/Barber entries and I can't confirm Jennie's parentage. I think, however, that she might have been related to Charles Armstead Barbour who was married to Anna Green Barbour. Charles and Anna married in 1884 (ten years after Jennie married Calvin). In 1884, Charles was 24. He could, possibly, have been the four year younger brother of Jennie. The informant for the marriage was my greatgrandmother's brother, Albert Payne (Haynes). Albert attested to the fact that Anna was the daughter of Rebecca Burke and that Anna was over the age of 21. The officiant was Rev. Samuel Houston (who was also the officiant for the wedding of Jennie and Calvin). In 1910, Charles is listed as 49, widowed, a stonemason, with 7 children. He is listed in the Greenbrier District. He is also on the 1920 census, age 54, widowed.
Another early Barbour can be found in Greenbrier: William Barbour was married to Barbara Barbour. He can be found on the 1880 Census in the Irish Corner District. In the 1900 Census he is listed as a coal digger, age 43, born in 1857 (so he cd also have been a younger brother of Jennie). He is on the 1920 and 1920 censuses. His wife, Barbara died in 1933. A William Barbour attended the John Wesley Methodist Church in Lewisburg in 1929 (my family's church) and a William Barbour graduated from Bolling High School in Lewisburg in 1938 (See the Earl Clay dissertation). Nellie Barbour Haynes married my grandfather's brother Gilbert Haynes and they have descendants in Charleston, WV. There were still Barbour members of the John Wesley Church in 1979. Nellie Barbour's mother was Anna Green Barbour and her father was Charles Armstead Barbour.
I don't yet know the parents of Virginia "Jennie" Barber Curry.
I believe that the names Barbour and Barber are interchangeable. This seems like one family group in the Monroe/Greenbrier area.

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