Monday, September 20, 2010

Trial of Jack, slave, a negro man, property of Elizabeth Morrow

On page 375 of Helen Stinson's book of Greenbrier County Court records, she notes the 1837 trial of Jack, a slave/negro man, who was the property of Elizabeth Morrow. Jack was convicted of murdering Cloe, a slave/negro woman, who was the property of Mildred McClanachan. Jack was charged with "wickedly, willfully, and with malice aforethought" (murdering Cloe). Witnesses were Jack Spotts, a slave of Ms. Sally Spotts, Anarky Freewoman, a free woman of color, Jacob ... a slave, Jim Messenberg, a free man of color, and Jane Dolan, a free woman of color. Jack was found not guilty of murder but of manslaughter. His punishment was that he would be burned on the hand and he would have 39 lashes on his bare back.

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