Friday, September 17, 2010

J. Calvin Curry

J. Calvin Curry was the husband of Virginia "Jennie" Barber Curry. In th 1870 Census he is listed as a mulatto male, age 21, in Monroe County, Second Creek, farm hand with Edward Curry. He is enumerated as Calvin. Edward Curry appears to have been his father. Edward was the husband of Amanda Curry. In 1870 the entire family is listed in MC, 2nd Creek, Edward (55), Amanda (48), John W. (23), Calven (21), Jane M. (20), Barbara (18), Ellen (14), Margrett (16), Allice (13), Hugh (10), Manda (7), William B. (5), Ashville (2), Lillie 1), and Isabella (15). Edward can be found in Larry Schuck's Greenbrier County Birth Rcords at page 109 (as Edmund). J. Calvin Curry married Jennie Barber on 12/3/1874 in Monroe County. He was 26, b. in MC. She was 18, b. in MC. The officiant was Rev. Samuel Houston. (At this point I should note that this family must have known my family - Haynes - very well as they are all from MC, 2nd Creek and Rev. Houston - a white minister - also married my greatgrandparents George and Elizabeth Haynes). Calvin and Jennie were married at Dickson's Mills, 2nd Creek. (Also see the Second Creek Survey which gives a lot of information about this area). In the same year, 12/18/1874, Calvin Curry executed an affidavit in which he stated that his "mother gave consent for her daughter Barbara A. Curry (col'd) to marry William P. Dunsmore (col'd). (Calvin) can be found on the 1880 Census in MC at age 32 with Jennie (22). He can be found in Marsh's 1880 index but he is listed under the surname Calvin. He is mentioned in the article HISTORY OF BRUSHY RIDGE (which can be searched and found on the West Virginia Division of Culture and History website). He can be found on the 1900 Census in Greenbrier County, Irish Corner District (where my family members moved to as well). He can be found on the following WV Death Certificates #6406 (for his son Richard Curry), #10489 (for his daughter Lora Wilson - died 1929), #8574 (for his son Clybourned - died 1952).

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