Friday, September 17, 2010

Mary Dickson (mother of the Barbour children?)

My post for Mary Dickson says:
1900 Census, Greenbrier County, Irish Corner District, mother in law of J. Curry. She is 80 years old. In the 1920 Census, she is still in the GC, ICD, she is 110 years old, widowed or divorced, and the grandmother of Rush Curry. (So, apparently, Mary Dickson was the mother of Jennie, who was the mother of Rush, and the wife of J. Curry).
Not sure if it is the same person but in the book CIVIL WAR IN GREENBRIER COUNTY by Tim McKinney (pages 135 & 234) he mentions that in 1862 the jailer of Mason County notified Mr. Robert Dickson that several of his slaves were being held there .. four negroes .. George Washington ... his wife Mary, about 40 years of age, their children, Susannah and Charles (Susannah about 15and Charles about 12), also a man, James Brown.
However, I have 11 entries for Mary Dickson.

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