Sunday, September 19, 2010


Jordan Davis can be found on the:
1870 Census in Greenbrier County, Lewisburg District, mulatto male, age 40, bricklayer/plasterer, with Charlotte and Harriet L. (and also Charles, Mary, and Phebe Lewis).
In the book History of Greenbrier County by Otis K. Rice (1986), pages 323-324 where it states "While awaiting the general election in the fall of 1870, the Radicals also took a keen interest in the town of Lewisburg. .... On June 4, with the support of Negro voters, they nominated John F. Caldwell for Mayor, and three blacks - Jaben Holmes, Jordan Davis, and Stephen Gardner - for trustees".
See the Lewisburg Greenbrier Independent, June 11 and 30, 1870.
1880 Census in Greenbrier County, mulatto male, age 54, brick mason, born in Va., with Fannie (52), Phebe (13), and boarders George W. and Alice Taylor, and with Henry Grayson.
See Historic Lewisburg's Original 64 Lots by James Talbert, pages 173 & 174 (available from the Greenbrier Historical Society in Lewisburg).
See WV Death Certificate # 472 where he is listed as the father of the decedent, Harriet Louise Johnson (who died in Greenbrier County in 1929).
See Larry Schuck's Greenbrier County Death Records, page 67.

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sand3410 said...

I have been trying to help a friend locate some of her ancestors and just saw what you wrote about Jordan Davis. Phoebe Davis was my friend's grandmother. Is anyone else related to this family? I was able to make copies of the two census records and Harriet's death online but wonder if you have any of the other information mentioned?

Any help would be appreciated.