Friday, September 17, 2010

Nan Curry

See GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - Directory of the Deceased in Atchison County, Missouri from the Earliest Records through 1990 and items of history and interest published by the Atchison County Historical Society, Atchison County, MO, page 70 where it states (in part): "Three Black Women are buried at English Grove Cemetery - Winne Rupe, Nan Curry, and Aunt Betty Hedrick. All took the names of the families they served, Richard Rupe, Isaac Curry, and W.N. Hedrick and are buried on those family lots". Ms. Edwards contributed a newspaper article to my compilation entitled "Faithful Mammyt Dies". In the article it states that Nan Curry was born in 1843; the Curry home was in Greenbrier County; Isaac Curry settled in Atchison in 1855. See the 1880 Census for Clark , Atchison, MO, where she is enumerated as Nancy J. Curry, servant, 38 y.o., b. in Va., parents were born in Va., with Isaac A. Curry and Margaret K. Curry. (Isaac was a retired store clerk at the time of this census).

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