Thursday, December 06, 2012

Index - 2011 Posts

1/1/11 - New blog by this blogger (This is What I Know - Silly Putty History), William Henry Haynes, 1/11/11 - Shoveler/Shovler/Shuvler/Shuffler, Lewis Skipper, Annie Matthew Perkins, 1/13/11 - Photo - Unidentifed Church in Monroe County, WV, Photo - 2 unidentified women associated with Haynes family, Photo - Unidentified baby - from Dunsmore photos (Brushy Ridge), Photo - 3 unidentified girls standing in doorway - from Dunsmore photos (Brushy Ridge), Photo - 4 women and 1 child in yard - from Dunsmore photos (Brushy Ridge).  Note:  All Dunsmore (Brushy Ridge) photos were contributed by E. Carter of Greenbrier County.  1/27/11 - Photo - Mary "Jennet" Haynes Dunsmore/Mrs. Frank Dunsmore  - from Dunsmore photos (Brushy Ridge), 1/29/11 - Photo - Toddler Standing in Chair, Blondish haired girl, Women Inside Fence on Farm, Two ladies standing and one sitting, Young Boy Barefoot, Tintype of two men, Man with mustache wearing hat, Young men in boots and hat, Girls in doorway (duplicate), 2 girls sitting on chair, Women on Farm (all are Dunsmore (Brushy Ridge) photos).  1/29/11 - Note on Earl Clay Dissertation which is accompanied by a Photo of 2 women on grass in hats, 2/07/11 - List of surnames in BLACK RESIDENTS OF GREENBRIER, MONROE, POCAHONTAS, AND SUMMERS COUNTIES by Carol L. Haynes that begin with the letter "Q", Photo - 2 sided photo showing two young boys in sailor suits - first with hats then without hats, 7/20/11 - Photo - Cleo Caval Haynes Dickason Blakey, 7/21/11 - Personal Note, Photo - Wedding photo - Dr. Robert J. Howard and Edna Haynes Howard.

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