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I have approx. 31 Swope/Swopes/Sopes entries in my compilation. 
The 1796 Personal Property Tax List for Greenbrier County, W.V. indicates that (Caucasian) Joseph Swope owned one Black person (over the age of 16). 
One of the earliest Swopes that I have is:
Hugh Swope, husband of Mary Ann Law Swope, son of Betsy Swope, b. 12/14/1858 in Monroe County, owned by John Swope.  On the 1870 census he appears in Monroe, SD, at age 12 , ?Hucan Sopes / ? Huey Sopes.  In 1880 he appears in Monroe, RSSD, at age 20, farm laborer, son of Betsy.  On 3/10/1885 when he was 24y he married Mary Ann Law.  She was 19 and also born in Monroe.  She was the daughter of Squire Law (who executed the permission to marry slip).  The informant was Edward Swope.  The officiant was Rev. Elijah P. Fleshman.  The wedding took place at the residence of Elizabeth Swope.  He can be found on the 1910 Census for Summer, Talcott at age 50. 

Samuel Swope appears on the Monroe County Death Records in 1856.  He died on 10/28/1856 at 9y of flux.  He was enslaved by John Swope. 

Others mentioned in the compilation are:  Alice Jane Swopes, Andrew Swope, Betsey/Betty/Elizabeth Swope, Bob Swope, Carrie Saide Swope Davis, Cora Luvenia Swope Freeman, Curtis Swopes, Ed. L. Swope, Edger Swope, Edward Swope, Emilene Swope, Emma Swope, Ester Sopes, Etta Swope, Floyd Swope, Henrietta Swope, Henry Swope, Hucan/Hugan Swope, Huey Swope, Hugh Swope, Husam Sopes, Mary Swope, Mariah Swopes, Rosa Mary Swope, Rosie L. Symns Swope, and Sarah Eddie Swope. 

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