Monday, December 10, 2012

Index - 2012

12/04/12 - Clara "Belle" Pack Wells
                  William "Hubert" Haynes
12/05/12 - Nola and Edna Haynes
                  Unidentified Boy
                  Unidentified Girl
                  Index 10/10/06 - end of 2006
                  Nola Haynes
                  Gilbert Haynes and Girl
                  Mary R. Bernice Haynes (Later Dr. Bernice Brown)
12/06/12    Janet Haynes Dunsmore and her daughter Ola Dunsmore Wood
                  James  Chambers
                  Lillian Rose Johnson Barnes Brooks, Virginia Braddock Hornaday, & Celestine Curtis
                  Index -2011 Posts
                  Index - 2010 Posts
                  Index - 2009 Posts
                  Index - 2007 Posts
                  Mattie Haynes
12/07/12    Index - 2011 Posts
                  Child on farm from Dunsmore box
                  Unidentified Photo from Dunsmore box
                  Front side of "back of photo" previous entry
                  Back of photo that will be posted above
                  Walter Haynes
                  Ethel Celina Haynes Johnson Barnes
12/09/12    William Peter Dunsmore, Thomas Dunsmore, and Mary "Polly" Carr Dunsmore
                  Child in Bonnet on Rocker
                  Unidentified Children - Dunsmore box
                  Unidentified adult female
                  Unidentified young ment
                  Unidentified photo
12/10/12    References:  Books, magazines, journals that mention Black Life in GC, SC, MC, PC

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