Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Nola Haynes

Daughter of George Washington Haynes and Elizabeth Jane Payne/Haynes Haynes Lewis. Born 12/9/1893. Never married. She died in Cleveland April 28 1984. One of fourteen children. Received her elementary and secondary education in the public schools in Ronceverte, WV. Received her formal training at Bluefield State College. She moved to Wheeling and affilitated herself with the Macedonia Baptist Church. Stricken with spinal meningitis and as a result of this her hearing was seriously impaired. Moved to Cleveland around 1964 to live with her sister Dr. Mary R. Bernice Haynes Brown. Joined the Antioch Baptist Church. Her niece, Eva Otelia Johnson, indicated in an interview that Nola was tiny/petite with a small waist; looked more Indian looking than most of her brothers and sisters; somewhat prissy; wore pearls and was always dressed nicely; lost hearing in both of her ears; very polite; an exceptional housekeeper; made pies (each of the 14 Haynes children had a cooking specialty and hers was making pies). She was a school teacher for a long time. Another niece said of Nola that she was "prim and proper", "jewelry all of the time", "relied on reading lips", "quite demure".

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