Friday, December 07, 2012

Walter Haynes

This photo is labeled Walter Haynes and because it came from a box at the Dunsmore home I believe it to be Walter Lemuel Haynes who was the son of Socrates Haynes and Barbara Moore Haynes.  He was the half brother of Oris T. Haynes and the brother of (Mary) Jennett Haynes.  He was born on 10/16/1881.  On 10/16/1907 he married Lula Isabel Williams.  They were married in Patton, WV.  He appears on the 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses (1910 in Greenbrier County and the others in Monroe County).  It appears that his children were Eula, Howard L., William G., and Gordon G. and that he had a granddaughter Francis E.  See BLACK RESIDENTS OF GREENBRIER, MONROE, POCAHONTAS, AND SUMMERS COUNTIES, WV by this writer (it is at the Greenbrier Historical Society and the WV Division of Culture and History) for more information.  In a private letter a writer wrote that "Walter worked in the fields with other tenants ... then helped at the house ... the sweetest old man probably that I ever knew".  The letter indicates that Lula had a sister named Florence (? Williams) of Alderson (possibly married to a Mr. Freeman).  Walter is buried in the Sinks Grove Cemetery in Monroe County.  See GC Deed Book, volume 57, page  341.  On his WWI Draft Registration card it indicates that he lived at Organ Cave, WV. The draft card says he ws born on 10/20/1884.  He was farming.  His employer was C.F. Dickson of Organ Cave.  Medium height and build, brown eyes, black hair.  He died on 12/23/1960.  See Monroe Watchman. 

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