Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bush / Strain

Another fire caused the deaths of many members of the Bush family.
January 25, 1905. Greenbrier Independent. "BURNED ALIVE". Wednesdaymorning, about 3 o'clock, the house of Rev. James Bush, colored, about one mile southeast of Lewisburg, was burned and seven of the inmates perished in the flames. Aunt Venus Strain an aged and highly respected colored woman, the mother inlaw of Rev. Bush and six of his children ranging in ages from 13 down. The fire originated in the upper story where the children slept and the whole upper part of the house was burning and falling in when Bush awakened. He escaped with several severe burns. His oldest daughter also escaped but was severely burned in several places on the body. The mother was not at home. Old Aunt Venus was 80 odd years old and in her younger days was frequently employed as a nurse and was highly esteemed. That such an appalling accident could occur in our community seems incredible.

He dies on 8/13/1946 at Greenbrier. See WV Death Certificate # 10501. Died at 93 y.o. Widowed. Husband of Polly Bush. Baptist preacher. Son of James and Mary Bush.

The article states that "the mother was not at home". I would think that she was probably working out somewhere taking care of someone elses' home or children. Tragic.

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