Sunday, June 27, 2010

Draft Registration Cards - Surnames beginning with the letter "A"

These are the draft registration cards that I have located for surnames beginning with the letter "A":

Peter Adams - WWI - 39 y.o, but he doesn't know his date of birth. He works at W.V. Pulp and Paper Company (a pulp mill), and his nearest relative is Alice Simms of Louisa, Virginia. he is 5'4" and stout.

Oliver B. Agee - WWI - he lived at Crump's Bottom, Summers, 35y, b. 5/20/1883, farmer, his nearest relative is Etta Agee. He is tall and stout.
WWII - Living at the Red Sulphur Springs District in Monroe County. He is 57y, self employed. The person who'd always know his whereabouts is Etta Agee. 5'5", 170 pounds, black complexion.

Wesley Agee - WWI - b. 9/15/1888 at Buckingham, Va., 29y,common laborer at the WV Pulp and Paper Co., married, medium height, slender build.

Warner Alexander - WW I - Born 12/31/1874, 43y, farming at White Sulphur Springs, his nearest relative is Bessie Alexander of WSS, medium height and build.

William Alexander - WWI - Lived at Marlinton, b. 3/1888 at Rockbridge County, Va., 29y, laborer for the C and O Railroad, married, medium height and build, grey eyes, black hair.
WWII - Lived at Pocahontas County, near Minnekaha Springs, 54y, b. 7/30/1888 at Rockbridge, person who'd always know his whereabouts is Lizzie Stuart, 5'8", 140 pounds, dark brown complexion.

Ben Franklin Allen - WWI - Lived at Stanford, Raleigh Co., b. 2/8/1884 at Monroe County, 58y, the person who'd always know his whereabouts was Ester Allen. 5'2", 160 pounds, black complexion.

Booker T. Washington Allen - WWI - Lived at Buckingham, Va., b. 9/28/1898, laborer on the C and O R.R. at Hinton, his nearest relative was George D. Allen of Mt. Hope, Fayette County.

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