Sunday, June 27, 2010

Draft Cards for "A" continued

Clarence Allen - WWI - Lived at Ronceverte, GC, b. 4/5/1895 at Ronceverte, porter, tall and slender, has a wife and two children.

Edna Dean Allen - WWII - Lived at Bellepoint, Summers County, 63y, b. Wayside, MC, on Jan/24/1879, 5'7", 182 pounds, the first finger on his left hand was missing.

Everett Phil Allen - WWI - Lived at Hinton, 53y, born in Summers County on 3/7/1889, the person who'd always know his whereabouts is Leona Allen. He was employed by the C and O Railroad, engineer, 5'11", 190 pounds, light brown complexion.

Gaily Stamford Allen - WWII - Lived at Lewisburg, GC, 52y, b. 2/24/1880, person who'd always know his whereabouts is Annie Allen of Lewisburg, 5'8", 150 pounds, dark brown complexion.

John Philip Allen - WWI - 38y, unknown date of birth, chauffeur, his nearest relative is Annie Coleman, medium height and build.

Theodore Allen - WWI - Lived at Alderson, Monroe County, 19y, b. 8/20/1899, farming for his mother, Victory Allen of Alderson, medium height and build.

William Allen - WWI - Lived at Durbin, Pocahontas County, b. 12/26/1888, 29y, laborer at Pocahontas Tanning Company, tall, medium build.

Willie Samuel Allen - WWI - Lived at Lowell, Summers County, 50y, person who'd always know his whereabouts was Elizabeth Allen of Lowell. 5'7", 180 pounds, light brown complexion.

Aaron Anderson - WWI - Lived at Frazier near the Fort Springs District, 25y, b. 11/2/1892, at Bedford County, Va., laborer for H. Frazier at Frazier, single, tall, medium build.

Benny Anderson - WWI - Lived at Hinton, Summers County, b. 5/5/1884, station porter on the C and O R.R. at Hinton, his nearest relative was Ellen Anderson of Hinton, tall and medium build.

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