Tuesday, June 22, 2010

William Dudley / Safronia Carter

The case of State v. Dudley, 96 W.Va. 481, 123 S.E. 241, 5/20/1924 is relative to the appeal of the Pocahontas County murder conviction of William Dudley. Mr. Dudley, Samuel Davis, and Charles James were convicted of the murder of Bascom McFall. The case mentions "Safronia Carter", a negro woman who appears to be the paramour of Charles James (alias "Jelly Roll"). Further, the case insinuates that Safronia Carter may have taken the blame for the murder of Eliza Crawford who was murdered on 12/20/1918 even though it may have actually been someone else who was responsible for the murder of Ms. Crawford. "The (Bascom McFall murder) is supposed to have been committed in the town of Cass or in its near vicinity. Cass is on the Greenbrier River and came into existence by reason of lumber operations".

Safronia Carter was the daughter of Andrew and Alice/Alace Carter (per AA Residents of Pocahontas County by William O. Lindsay). Note that Andrew's first wife of Alice and his second wife was Alace.

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