Sunday, June 13, 2010

I recently found out that the Greenbrier Historical Society will be putting old newspapers on their site and that the work should be available in about four months. I've spent time at the GHS reading the newspapers and the thought of having them accessible on the internet makes me really happy. It has been over a year since I last posted. I really have no good excuse(s) for that but truly intend to do a better job in the future. I have recently sent new versions of A-F to the GHS and the W.V. Division of Culture and History. I will be sending G& H (four volumes) in the next month. The revisions are mainly corrections, notes from family members who have contacted me, the aforementioned news articles, and many new photos including the photos given to me by E. Carter (which I have used for the covers). I'll upload some photos here as well.

Sad news - Mary Frances Bodemuller who wrote African American Records in Greenbrier County passed away. She combed the courthouse records for enslaved individuals and their owners and listed them in her compilation. The book is available for sale from the GHS.

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I have a number of entries for Boston Haynes. I believe this was one man who was married to a number of women (4 or 5) in Greenbrier/Monroe/Summers Counties but I have not been able to connect all of my entries. I have also not been able to figure out how he fits in with the other Haynes families of the area. I will dedicate an entire post to him soon.

I'm continuing to read court cases and will post them here as well (or at least the citations).

I'm more convinced than ever that the Littleton's of Greenbrier County were enslaved by Samuel Kincaid. I reread Mary Frances' information this a.m. and both Cook and Maria show up with him in the early 1800's. Cook is a common last name but I have not seen any other individuals with Cook as a first name. Cook and Maria's children John and Mary Ann stayed in GC and worked for the Samuel Price family. Another son, Byrd, moved to Harrison County, Clarksburg. He married Maria Webb and they had a number of children including: Roy H./Ray, ennie, Hugh, & Mary. Byrd's mother Maria died in Clarksburg in 1893. Hugh Webb Littleton was the son of Byrd and Maria and he married Sallie R. Littleton. He was a waiter in a hotel. In 1920 he is enumerated with his sister Jennie. 1880 - 1910 he is with his parents or his wife. In 1930 he is listed with his sister Jennie. He registered for WWI & on his card he says that he worked for K and H Barber Shop. He was short, medium build, with black eyes and gray hair. He was 42 when he registered. He died on 2/8/1947. (WVDC# 1391). He was 70 y.o. when he died. He is buried at Masonic at Clarksburg.

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