Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sarah Haynes

Continuing with the "fire" theme, my greatgrandfather's little sister, Sarah Haynes, a/k/a Sally/Sallie Haynes died in a fire in Monroe County on 11/25/1880. Sally was born in 1867 to Mansfield Haynes and Eliza Dawson Haynes. She appears on the 1870 census in the Second Creek area of Monroe County as a 3 yr old with Mansfield Haynes (Sarah). She appears on the 1880 census as a 13 y.o. servant, daughter of Mansfield Haynes (Sally). Monroe County deaths has her as 12 years old, cause of death - burnt. The informant for her death was her mother, Eliza Haynes.

My greatgrandfather was George Washington Haynes and he was the older brother of Sarah/Sally.
LAnother Sarah Haynes is the daughter of Lydia Haynes. She would become the wife of John Henry Gross & she would become Sarah Haynes Gross. She was the mother of Myrtle, Julia Lucy Gross Curry, Manda Gross, Willie Gross, Nellie Gross, and Martha Gross. She was born approx. 1896. She married Mr. Gross in 1916 in Monroe County, Gap Mills. She appears on the 1920 census in MC, Gap Mills as a 28 y.o. mulatto female, wife of John H. Gross. On 6/4/1927 she gave birth to a female child (See MC births). She appears on the 1930 census in MC, Sweet Springs as a 33 y.o. with her children. Her daughter Julia died in WV in 1954 (See WV DC # 2559 or 2659).

Lydia Haynes is a mystery to me. I'm not sure where she came from. She is also the mother of Willam Francis Haynes who died in Monroe County in 1946, WV DC #680.

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