Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ulysses Grant appears on the 1880 census in Pocahontas County, AD, as a mulatto male, age 13, son of Elijah Grant. His name may have actully been W. Ulysses Grant. There is also a "Ulis" Grant who is listed in Larry Shuck's Greenbrier County Birth Records at p. 413 as the father of a female child. Elijah Grant (Ulysses' father) appears in the 1840 Census, VA, Greenbrier as a Free Inhabitant with 4 males and 3 females. He appears on the 1880 Census, WV, Pocahontas County as a black male, age 62, widowed or divorced, farm laborer with Elizabeth (15), Elijah N. (24), Stuart (16), and Ulysses (13). His family is also listed in African Americans of Pocahontas County by William O. Lindsay (which is available from the Allegheny Historical Society).

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