Monday, June 14, 2010

To research your (African American) family in southeast WV (Greenbrier, Monroe, Summers, and Pocahontas)the following would be helpful:

Marsh 1880 Census Index
African American Residents of Pocahontas County by William O. Lindsay
African American Records in Greenbrier County by Mary Frances Bodemuller
Pack Slaves by Dr. Vallentine (Summers County)
Helen Stinson's Court Records for Greenbrier County
Larry Shuck's Marriage, Death, and Birth Records
Larry Shuck's Court Records for Greenbrier County
Journals of the Greenbrier Historical Society
WV Division of Culture and History African American Pages
WV Division of Culture and History Birth, Death, and Marriage Records on the Internet
World War I and II Draft Registration Cards
Black Residents of Greenbrier, Monroe, Pocahontas, and Summers Counties - WV - Notes of Carol L. Haynes (available for viewing at the GHS and the WV Div of Culture)
West Virginia Court Cases (put in key words "servant" "slave" "negro" "master" "colored" if doing a Westlaw search)
Jim Talbert's (& Weikle) Birth Records for Greenbrier County - (available at the Greenbrier Historical Society)
Also, if I were just starting to research I would pick a central figure and send the search fee (it was about $15.00 - call first) to the W.V. Division of Culture and History in Charleston and see what they come up with. They are fantastic!!
Also: Deaths at Denmar Sanitarium - Pocahontas County (Black folks from all over the country were treated at this Sanitarium)

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