Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is the information that I currently have about Daniel C. Boone of Greenbrier County, West Virginia:
Husband of Virginia "Jennie" Moore Boone. Born ? around 1842 at North Carolina. He appears in the 1880 census at Greenbrier County, Irish Corner District, as a mulatto male, age 37, b. 1843 in No. Carolina, works in quarry, married, enumerated with Littlebert Wyatt. In 1900 he is still in the ICD, a black male, age 57, with his wife Virginia, r.r. laborer, father of Daniel (20), Harriet (17), Jessie (15), Cora (12), Alpha (10), Minerva (6) and Adrea (4). In 1910 he is still in the ICD, black male, age 68, b. in No. C., married 40 years to Virginia, with Josephine (16). He is mentioned in the article HISTORY OF BRUSHY RIDGE by Frank U.G. Peck which says "In the sixties (1860), Daniel C. Boone came from North Carolina. He married Jennie Moore, one of John Moore's daughters, and lived first in South Brushy Ridge and worked in the tan yard for Madison Nickell. He finally bought a home in North Brushy Ridge where he reared a large family." In the Greenbrier County death records it indicates that he died on 6/14/1916 at age 74y. His daughter Lucy G. Peck died in 1952 (WV DC # 244) and his son, William Johnson Boone died in 1956 (WV DC # 8599). There are a number of really nice family histories on this family.

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